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Mark Ballard

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Joey Stuckey, Senate Records and Sociology Publishing have released "Colorful Comedies," a 2-CD set by Mark Ballard (available now).

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"Colorful Comedies" by Mark Ballard

"Colorful Comedies" CD cover

Select excerpts from this audio book:

- Disc 1 -
1. Intro
2. Babette, My French Poodle
Listen to a sample!
3. Like A Good Neighbor
4. The Infamous Caramel Cake
5. Does Size Matter?
6. Sucked, Tucked, & Lifted
Listen to a sample!

- Disc 2 -
1. It Takes All Kinds
2. It's All In A Name
Listen to a sample!
3. Something About Mary
4. On A Wing & A Prayer

[Sound clips above are in Realaudio format.]
- Order the 2-CD Set: $15 + $2 shipping  BUY!
- MP3 Digital Download [218MB] Price: $11.99  BUY!
- Mark's CD is also available at the Golden Bough Book Store in Macon, GA.

A Message from Mark...

There is just something about everyday life that is funny. Humor is clearly present in our daily events that randomly happen to us. Sometimes you have to look very closely to find it. Other times, it jumps out and slaps you in the face. On certain occasions you will know it is humorous when it is happening, but other times you can only find the humor after some time has passed and you are able to take a look back. That's exactly what I did with these stories. I took a good, long look back at my life so far and pulled out some of my funniest moments.

I am so glad to have this opportunity to read these stories for you. I chose them from my book "Colorful Comedies and Creative Celebrations" first published in 2000. As I read them, I was able to transport myself back to the times when the events actually happened. And yes, they did ALL happen!

I hope you are able to relate to this everyday humor in some way. Maybe you have some relatives just like some of the ones I describe. Maybe you have a friend that falls into the same category as some of mine do. Whatever the case may be, I hope these stories will cause you to forget about your worries if only for a little while and allow you to take this adventuresome journey through my life with me. I hope when you are finished listening to my stories, there will be a big smile on your face. That would make me so happy! So, come on in, pull up a chair and let's "sit a spell." We have a long and winding journey ahead of us!

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About Mark

Since childhood, Mark Allen Ballard, known to television viewers as THE ARTIST™, has combined his incredible artistic talent with a marvelous sense of humor to amaze and entertain.


In 1996, at the urging of friends and clients who had attended fabulous parties and tours that Mark organized for area charities, he held a seminar on holiday entertaining and decorating. The "fans" called for more and, as a result, Mark now combines his artistic talent, wonderful sense of humor and storytelling ability to entertain standing-room only crowds at frequent seminars and speaking engagements, at public appearances and on regional television several times a week. Mark made his national television debut in February, 2004, hosting the pilot of ModernStyle. He has also appeared on the Do-It-Yourself Network. His annual one-man comedy shows are standing room only affairs that benefit non-profit organizations in his hometown.


Mark’s first book, a cookbook, Blossoms & Bees, Peaches & Poundcakes, was published in the fall of 1999 and is now in its seventh printing. His second book featuring stories of growing up and living in the South, Colorful Comedies and Creative Celebrations, A Lighter Look at Life as Told by a Raised Right Southern Gentleman, was published in 2000. His third book - The Four Seasons with Mark Ballard - was released in 2003. Delightful and Sinsational, Mark's compilation of stories about battles with weight and great recipes was written after he lost over 100 pounds. His newest book, In the Kitchen with Mark with over 250 recipes, stories and color photographs was published in October, 2005 Mark’s advice column on decorating, entertaining and crafts is featured weekly in The Macon Telegraph and in each issue of Macon Magazine.


At an early age, Mark focused his talent on the visual arts, graduating with honors from the Atlanta College of Art at the High Museum in Atlanta. Mark’s paintings have found their way into private, corporate and public collections all over the United States and in several foreign countries. In addition to one-dimensional paintings and murals, Mark is also known for his exquisite painted furniture, lamps, porcelains and fabrics. In recent years, he has also been in demand in the areas of floral and interior design. His line of note-cards, limited edition prints and porcelain plates are carried in finer frame, gift and stationary shops nationwide.

Please visit Mark's website at

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-The team

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