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  Hawaiian Ocean Surf

Our newest title available in Stereo as well as 5.1 Surround Sound.


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Q: Why is the website called 3-D

A: Well, its because we love great audio recordings! The sounds and music found on this site are designed with a "3-D audio landscape" in mind. For example, our first title "Hawaiian Ocean Surf" was recorded and mixed in such a way that the waves seem to surround you. This really brings the feel of being on the beach in Oahu right into your home, car or walkman. If you are a true audiophile with a surround sound home theater system, then our version of these waves in Dolby Digital 5.1 will blow your mind!

Sound is just like sight, smell or any other sense - the information you receive from your senses tells your brain about your environment.

We at 3-D AudioScapes pride ourselves on making recordings that actually take the listener to "another place."

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Q: What is a "licensed copy" and why would I want one?

A: If you want to use one of our products for personal use (i.e. listening at home, work, etc.) then you just want to purchase the standard version of our titles. However, if you want to use a product commercially in a play, TV show, video game, audio dramatization, etc. (you make money from our recordings) - then you will need the licensed version.

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Q: Which titles have standard versions and which ones have a licensed versions?

A: All the titles on the Sound FX page only come as licensed copies. These sound effects usually cost from $1-$5 and you can use them for anything you like - commercial or non-commercial. For our Relaxation titles, we only have standard versions available at this time for purchase through our website. So, if you have a conference or other project you wish to use one of these titles for, please contact us at and well come up with a solution for you.

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Q: Who is this Joey Stuckey guy?

A: Joey Stuckey is a blind musician and sound engineer. For more info, please visit:



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Visit Joey's site to see and hear some extraordinary music by this blind musician/jack-of-all-trades!

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