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Our newest title available in Stereo as well as 5.1 Surround Sound.


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Guided Imagery with Wendie Brannen | Connections

Designed to help you relax mentally and physically, this set of guided imagery experiences helps you bypass the chatter of the mind and reach deep tranquility. Accompanied by soothing music, each set of calming "images" is carefully chosen to help you find that place in yourself which holds the keys to the qualities most of us desire: peace, joy, contentment, gratitude, forgiveness, love, acceptance and more.

[ $3.99 per title - MP3 file only ]

bulletTropical Island: The Healing Connection With Nature -Takes you to an island paradise where you experience the beauty of nature and the joy of knowing that you  are part of it all. (TRT=20:55) (128kbps MP3 file) [19MB]   Listen to a sample!  BUY!
bulletFireside: The Joy of Heartfelt Connection - Relaxing by a cozy fire, surrounded by the spirits of those who best support your journey, sink into the joy and contentment of mutual love and acceptance. (TRT=19:09) (128kbps MP3 file) [18MB]  Listen to a sample!  BUY!
bulletPregnancy and Preparation for Childbirth: Connection With New Life - A guide to physical and mental relaxation during labor, to the sacredness of the waiting period, and to an appreciation of the spiritual connection with new life. (TRT=19:00) (128kbps MP3 file) [17MB]  Listen to a sample!  BUY!

Sound clips above are in Realaudio format.

Please see our products on the Environmental Soundscapes page too! We have 5.1 Surround Sound Ocean Waves available as well as some other titles.

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