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Seaborn Jones

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Joey Stuckey, Senate Records and Sociology Publishing have released "The Worlds Of Seaborn Jones" by Seaborn Jones (available now).

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"The Worlds Of Seaborn Jones" by Seaborn Jones

Select excerpts from this audio book:

1. Introduction
2. White Bears
Listen to a sample!
3. Becoming an Artist
4. First Words
5. Lost Keys, Coffee, and Guns
6. Barbeque and Blood Drive
7. Unemployed
Listen to a sample!
8. Going Farther Into the Woods Than the Woods Go
9. Golden Gate Bridge
10. Telephoning Ginsberg
11. Red Horse
Listen to a sample!
12. The Workshop
13. The Verge of Saying
14. For Love
15. Semper Fi
16. The Cherry Blossom Festival
Listen to a sample!
17. The Drought
18. Wishes
19. The Clothes Make the Poet
20. I Feel So Good I'm Changing My Name to James Brown
21. Women and Money
22. Missing Persons
23. Why Listen to Strangers When You Can Listen to Me? I'm Stranger Than Anyone
24. This Poem
25. Berlin
26. World War II
27. All You Need
28. Orange
29. Credits

[Sound clips above are in Realaudio format.]
- Order the CD: $12 + $1.50 shipping  BUY!
- MP3 Digital Download [80MB] Price: $9.99  BUY!
- Seaborn's CD is also available at the Golden Bough Book Store in Macon, GA.

Seaborn Jones has been published in the New York Quarterly, Southern Poetry Review, River Styx, Chattahoochee Review, Bogg, Poetry New Zealand, Pearl, Rockhurst Review, Studio One, Wilshire Review, Louisiana Review and numerous other journals including translations of his work for European publications. His poems have been anthologized in 80 on the 80s (Ashland University Press), Scorched Hands (Pariah Press), Chester H. Jones Foundation, National Poetry Contest Winners, 1993, and in Java Monkey Speaks Anthology #3 (2008). He has received three International Merit Awards from Atlanta Review. He is the author of five books, Drowning from the Inside Out (C.V. Editions, Cherry Valley, NY), Lost Keys (Snake Nation Press, Valdosta, GA), Getaway Car in Reverse (Steam Iron Press), Black Champagne (Middle Georgia College), and X-Ray Movies (MAS) which received the Georgia Author of the Year Award in Poetry. He has been the recipient of the Violet Reed Haas Poetry Prize and was selected as the 1991 Alan Collins Scholar in Poetry at the Bread Loaf Writers' Conference.

Mr. Jones, a native of Macon, Georgia, continues to speak and read extensively throughout the United States.

-Visit Seaborn's MySpace page

-Visit Seaborn's CDBaby page

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-The team

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