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Our newest title available in Stereo as well as 5.1 Surround Sound.

About Us

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Our goal at 3-D AudioScapes is to provide high-quality audio for a variety of applications at very affordable prices.

Including, but not limited to:
bulletSound Effects and audio "beds" for use in movies, plays, musical recordings, TV shows, radio dramas, video games and anything and everything else you can think of.
bulletMusic and Spoken Word Recordings designed to help you relieve stress and relax.

This website is designed to work best for those that have high-speed internet access due to the file sizes of our downloadable products. Most of our titles are only available via download as MP3 files. However, there are a limited number of titles available in CD and/or DVD format. If you find that you want one of the items on this site, but canít download it due to a slow internet connection, please email us at and we will try to accommodate you by making a custom CD or DVD if possible. Of course, this means that you will have to pay a bit extra for labor, material and shipping costs, but we always will try to help any one that needs our services.

We hope you enjoy this site! Weíll be adding new sounds and music all the time so check back often.

3-D AudioScapes means a lot to me because it has always been one of my dreams to put out products like the ones we have here on our site. I first got in to the entertainment and recording industry because I wanted to design sound effects for movies, radio dramas, etc. I mean, who better than a blind man to know if something sounds real or not? Now, after over a decade in the music business Iíve come full circle and I am creating those sound effects and so much more. So if you are an audiophile like me, then this site is for you!

Thanks again for visiting.


Joey Stuckey
Website Administrator

For more information about Joey, please visit:


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Visit Joey's site to see and hear some extraordinary music by this blind musician/jack-of-all-trades!

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