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  Hawaiian Ocean Surf

Our newest title available in Stereo as well as 5.1 Surround Sound.

Sound FX & Audio Beds

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Sound FX & Audio Beds available for purchase via download:  (320kbps MP3 files) $.99 each

bulletAwakening (:28)  BUY!
bulletChildren Playing In The Water (2:17)  BUY!
bulletDoor (:05)  BUY!
bulletEerie Mood Music 1 (:39)  BUY!
bulletEerie Mood Music 2 (:10)  BUY!
bulletElevator (:41) (ascending)  BUY!
bulletFlorida Ocean Waves 1 (2:43)  BUY!
bulletFlorida Ocean Waves 2 (1:14)  BUY!
bulletFlorida Ocean Waves 3 at Low Tide (1:44)  BUY!
bulletFootsteps On The Beach Thru Shells (:14)  BUY!
bulletHotel Air-Conditioning Unit (1:54)  BUY!
bulletLaughing (:03)  BUY!
bulletMale Burp (:01)  BUY!
bulletMartian Soundscape (:56)  BUY!
bulletQuick Harp Cue 1 (:09)  BUY!
bulletQuick Harp Cue 2 (:19)  BUY!
bulletSaturday In The City (6:37)  BUY!
bulletSliding Glass Door (3:39)  BUY!
bulletStreet Sounds (NYC) 1 (:47)  BUY!
bulletStreet Sounds (NYC) 2 (1:24)  BUY!
bulletStreet Sounds (NYC) 3 (1:48)  BUY!
bulletStreet Sounds (NYC) 4 (:42)  BUY!
bulletSubdivision After Dark (5:32)  BUY!
bulletSwirling Cue (:09)  BUY!
bulletTraffic (1:55) (afternoon in NYC)  BUY!
bullet Waterfalls (2:32) (Centennial Park, Atlanta)  BUY!

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bulletSound clips above are in Realaudio format.
bulletActual times of sound fx and audio beds are shown in parenthesis next to the title. This is the time of the "purchased version" - not the length of the clip you can listen to online.
bulletPrices vary depending on the sound effect, so click on "BUY!" to see the price listed in the shopping cart. Prices range from $.99 to $2.99 per sound effect.
bulletPlease see our products on the Environmental Soundscapes page too! We have 5.1 Surround Sound Ocean Waves available.
bulletOur sound fx and audio beds are non-EQ'd and untreated. That way, you can take what we've recorded and process them however you would like. If you would like us to custom process an effect for you please contact us.
bulletIf you are in need of custom-created sound fx or audio beds for your project please contact us - we'll be glad to help you out.

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